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Iago ~while running~ We're tired

Raven: ~while running~ Yeah

Runic: Fine ~he casts a spell. SHRINK!!! ~he shrinks Iago and Raven to a height of 5 ft~ Rest up you two. This spell is temporary as it lasts for 12 hours

~they rest up on a couch elsewhere laying their heads on one another~

Lyra: You think you're his biological daughter do you. Bring it

Rydia: OK you six armed wench

Lyra: ~gasp~ (In Avalon, a wench is considered a slur to Succubi among other words as well) You are going to die! ~they hold hands engaging a slap to slap fist fight. Their eyes go bloodshot red on the intent of death to one another ~

~they go on through the night shouting insults to one another. Elsewhere in the bus Skadi and I go through our 6th pack of cigarettes and enjoying ourselves in beer and sake as well~

Cyrus: Stepith seems different

Darius: More relaxed no?

Cyrus: I think ~steering the wheel~ See what the GPS tells about Genshin City Dar?

Darius: Sure thing ~turns on GPS~ Lets see we got like a day and 18 hours before we reach Genshin City

Cyrus: Ahhh you got to be kidding me. That means we have to spend hundreds of dollars on gas and grocery money.

Darius: You know it buddy. ~smokes cigar~

Cyrus: Roll down the window dude. I don't want my smoke in my system

Darius: Come on Cy. Lighten up and enjoy this day and relish it.

Cyrus: You're probably right. Give me a smoke ~Darius gives Cyrus a cigar~

Darius: Yup.....so peaceful ~tunes in to the ambient music channel~