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~I rethink on what happened earlier~


Dem Bones: You can't even protect your damn kids. What kind of father are you if you can't protect them!!! Yeah I murdered them. ~uses his hands to simulate what happened~ I strangled them to death haha

Shut up SHUT UP!!! ~cuing the scene where I snapped his head off with my power~ ~and then came my depowerment by representatives of my clan~

~end of flashback~

You know what they actually did a good thing.

Cyrus: What good thing Step?

Taking away my power

~Mature and Vice come out of the shower~

Mature: Good morning Mast....oh my god what happened to you.

I got a makeover....cool huh?

Vice: Ummmm....yeah. We'll be seeing how this catfight will end.

~they watch as Lyra and Rydia are still fighting after 6 hours while Cyrus and Darius smoke themselves to not realize what is happening~

Hey guys.

Darius: Yo

We'll need you to stop by some kind of super-center somewhere so we can refuel and get groceries I'm coming with you so I can get some sake bottles and some cigarettes

Cyrus: Cool cool.

Mature: But what happened to the airship?

My clan confiscated it. Now its probably back in Japan for all I care. At least I bought this tour bus for a good price

Vice: And that price was...

2 mil

Cyrus: At least there's like no traffic

Darius: That makes our job a whole lot easier Cy. There's a super-center right now. ~we stop by the Wal-Mart esque place to buy supplies and alcohol at best~

Clerk: And the total comes to 1,235 dollars

Hey guys, do you have an extra 500 I can borrow

~they give me the money needed and we put the groceries in the sidekicks' room~

Black King: Ahh you got to be kidding me.