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(Will do)

~as hour passes by Runic realizes he may have messed up the spell~

Iago: ~yawn~ ~holds teddy bear with an eyepatch~ Has it been 12 hours already

Raven: ~holds pillow~ Yeah

Runic: Ummmm.....I screwed up with the spell.

Iago: WHAT!!! I'm gonna bash your lights out when I get back to size! (A giant in Avalon is usually 10 feet long, Runic's spell decreases their height in half for a while)

Raven: ~gets out club~ Lets do this Iago!!

Runic: Look...It may have been extended by 8 more hours on its own but it wasn't my fault.

Iago and Raven: GET HIM!!!

Runic: Aaahhh ~he gets to Cyrus and Darius~ Stop the bus quick!!!

Cyrus: We're in a nearby desert and ~sees the two~ alright

~we stop by said desert and the "tiny" giants push Runic out of the door~

Runic: A may be a wizard but that doesn't mean I can't fight. MAGISWORDS!!! ~two swords manifest into Runic's hands~

~the sidekicks get up from their room and see the fight~

Black King and the sidekicks: ~chanting~ Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

~the giants prepare to clobber Runic into oblivion until he jumps out of the way and slices Iago in the chest~

Iago: Braghhh!

Runic: Don't worry you big baby, these blades will not kill you.

Iago: Yeah but they still hurt like hell

Raven: Raaagh!! ~bashes the club to the ground while Runic dodges the blast~

Runic: Too slow!! Immobilizing Sting!!! ~hits Iago in the foot~

Iago: Why do I feel so ~he feels a shock~ Raagh!

Raven: What did you do to him?!

Runic: Simple really. I made his body numb. It should go away in an hour or so

Raven: Why you!!! ~charges at Runic~

Runic: Sleep Sting!! ~hits Raven in the arm~ MAGISWORDS!!! DISPERSE!!! ~they go away into nothingness~

What just happened?

Runic: We had a battle.

Yeah but what the shrink spell you put on them?

Runic: They'll be back to their original size in a matter of hours

Good. Carry them back to bus

Runic: WHAT?!?!

You started this fight. Now finish it. We got a few more hours until we arrive at Genshin City. Now you made us wait for you to finish ~drinks sake~ come on guys. We have to get ya to bed

Black King: Aww but Master...

I said go to bed. I don't want you to be cranky eyed in the morning

BK: OK....come one guys ~the sidekicks go back to their rooms while Runic has to carry Iago and Raven back to the bus~