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~Cyrus and Darius are looking at the road until they see a girl and her friends on the road~

Cyrus: Stop the bus!!

Darius: Got it!!!! ~they stop so they don't hit the people on the road~

~I enter the cockpit~

What's going on here?

Cyrus: That

Oh. Lets get her and her posse.

Darius: Right.

~We get out and get them in the bus~

You alright miss?

Girl: Yeah. We just need a ride.

That's it. We'll give ya that. Were are ya headed?

Girl: Genshin City

So are we. So what's your name

Girl: I'm Rukia Medikame and we're called the Soul Battlers

Awkward name for a group don'tcha think.

Rukia: Hey don't blame me, blame it on Kreel over there ~Mature and I stare at the brute known as Kreel~

He has a kind aura inside him

Kreel: Despite the name. All I think about is good karma.

Mature: Good to hear. Might I interest you in a drink handsome?

Kreel: Water is nice. A big jug of it is what I need

Mature: Alright. ~she gets him some water ~ Here you go.

Kreel: Thanks. ~his mouth extends open to swallow the bottle whole~ Ahhhh much obliged darlin'

So who's the dude with glasses anyway.

Rukia: That's Ukyo

Hey Runic!

Runic: ~reads a book~ What! Have you met this dude before?

~Runic and Ukyo glare at one another~

Runic and Ukyo: We've met

Runic: I have known Ukyo for a while now. Blue-haired, four-eyed, kimono wearing freak

Ukyo: Take that back you black haired bookworm. And its not a kimono, it's a keikogi. I'm going to kill you for saying that ~they almost engage in a fist fight until Rukia casts a barrier that separates them ~

Rukia: So what's your name?

I'm Stepith Bloodia

Rukia: Then we'll be partners. What do ya say. Partner?

~we give each other a firm handshake~ (Rukia in appearance looks like Rukia from Bleach. But with light muscles and taller as she reaches my height 6 Ft)

Care for a drink Rukia?

Rukia: Sure. ~we drink sake as we have only a few more hours until we reach Genshin City~

~elsewhere on the bus, the giants grow back to their natural size as they rest, Runic reads his book, Cyrus and Darius are driving the bus with energy drinks to keep them up and at 'em, and Lyra and Rydia finally have settled their differences....~

Rydia: Wench!!! Did you steal my hair dryer!!! ~maybe~