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~as Cyrus and Darius drive through the road, they see a sign that says "Welcome to Genshin City" (Genshin City in appearance is like if New York City and LA fused together into one city)~

Cyrus: Finally!! FINALLY!!! We made it

Darius: Three cheers for us Cy

Now's not the time to celebrate guys. We still have to buy a house or mansion at that matter for all of us to fit in

Rukia: Good point.

~we look in the GPS for directions~

Ah here it is. ~points to real estate agency on the GPS~ Lets go

~we arrive at the real estate agency hoping to find a house~

Agent: Lets see....How many of you are there?

Lots.....2 dozen maybe including the sidekicks

~the agent shows us a house with 24 rooms and enough space to fit the giants~

How much!?

Agent: 15 mil tops

Fine my credit card number is-~15 minutes later~

There all set.

Agent: Good... here's a map ~gives me the map~

What's this for?

Agent: Your home is located in the outskirts of the city. Which is 10 miles away.

Good enough, come on guys