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~as we are driving to our new home, we're stopped by a policeman who says he's from Urbanville as evidenced by the cape and mask on his uniform~

Policeman: Your under arrest for illegally smuggling sidekicks into a different city.

Oh right. I forgot about that rule.

Policeman: Either pay that fine or give us your sidekicks.

Black King: Do we really have to go Master?

Unfortunately you have to. I'm sorry BK but you are going to have to go with the man.

BK: ~kicks me~


BK: I hate you for this ~kicks me again~

I have to or otherwise they'll make me pay the fine. In fact let me call someone I know. I'm sure he'll take care of you ~takes out iPhone~ Hello dude, its me. Can ya do me a favor.....great they'll love their new home. 'K bye ~ends call~

~gives the address to the officer~

Officer: Alright kids time to go

~the sidekicks give me the glare as they leave~

Rukia: Damn Stepith, you didn't have to make them feel like crap.

It wasn't my fault. They were close and now I feel damn well guilty for leaving them behind

Cyrus: I'm sure they'll get over it when they get older. I hope.

Darius: Come on Step, we'll drink your sorrows away with a cup of sake when we get to our new home

Yeah...Lets....~we get back in the bus and drive to our home~