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~Rukia is seem practicing her blood magic with Ukyo and Kreel~

Morning guys ~I see Camillia smoking a cigar~ I see you're a different kind of vampire are ya

Camillia: Yes I know. I'm supposed to be turned to ash while I'm in the sun. Hehe no. I only take mild damage from the rays. That bleedin stereotype has been hunting us vamps for years now. Even worse so than "vampire hunters" holding crosses and crap. Garlic smells good but never acts a shield despite what people see in the books,movies, and pop culture.

Ukyo: So what's with the rant. Its stupid and no one gives a damn about you vamps

Camillia: BLOOD TAPE!! ~a puddle of blood shoots from her hand into Ukyo's mouth~ Watch your tongue.

Ukyo: ~mouth muffled~ Mmet Mmis Mmmlood moff me!

Kreel: It seems its temporary Ukyo my man, She cast Level 6 Blood Magic. We haven't gotten there in our training yet

Ukyo: MMMMMmmmm Miitch

Kreel: Don't feel too bad Ukyo my man. It will come off eventually. Just don't fight it or you'll make it worse.

Ukyo: Mmmmmmmm

Rukia: Let me try. BLOOD DISPEL ~she cast the same spell only to discover that it doesn't work~ ~the tape grows bigger~

Ukyo: MMOOOOO!!! MOoop Mleese!!! ~starts crying~

Camillia: Apologize and I'll make it stop

Ukyo: Mever ~grows bigger~ Malright Malright! Morry.

Camillia: Apology accepted. BLOOD DISPEL! ~the blood tape peels off~

Ukyo: Blargh!! ~pant, pant pant~

Kreel: That will teach you not to make fun of stereotypes

Ukyo: Shut up. I'm going to our room