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~Rukia sits outside with Rydia, talking about things~,

Rydia: I'm gonna go get us some drinks

Rukia: I'll be right here

~a man appears~

???: You Rukia Medikame

Rukia: Yes?

~he gets out a capture gun and a trap net comes out to capture Rukia~

Rukia: HELP!!!

~we get out of the chair while watching Avatar. As he flies away we get out some guns and try to shoot at him while trying to avoid hitting Rukia~

Rydia: RUKIA!!!

Ukyo: BLOOD HAND!!! ~a hand made of blood tries to grab Rukia but to no avail~

Kreel: Damn it!!! ~hits the ground~

Camillia: What happened ~she's holding wine~

Rydia: Some man dressed in black came and captured Rukia

Camillia: ~sigh~.."They" came

Who's "They"

Camillia: One of Magica Sociadad's Captains came

Runic: I've heard of Magica Sociadad. ~looks at book~ I strived going there

Ukyo: What made you not go?

Runic: Lack of interest and they didn't accept my application anyways.

Kreel: What are we going to do now.

Rescue Rukia. That's what.

Camillia: Now how will we do that? Ask for directions?

Probably. But let's not get too hasty here

Kreel: Maybe I can use our blood pact to find Rukia

Ukyo: You know that is risky.

Kreel: So what. I don't want to abandon our teammate and our "sister".

Ukyo: Alright. For Rukia's sake ~Ukyo and Kreel hold hands to locate Rukia's essence. They are cut off by some anti-magic shield~

Kreel and Ukyo: AUUGHHHH!!! ~pushes them into the ground~

Camillia: Lets try locating Rukia together ~the three of them hold hands, sensing the three the man tries to block the spell, but to no avail as Camillia's blood magic level is more powerful then Kreel's and Ukyo's combined transforming their power into a dragon~

Man: ~sees the dragon~ OH CRAP!!! ~dragon goes inside his mind and learns of the location to the entrance to Magica Sociadad~

Camillia: Got it. Project!!! ~we see the entrance to Magica Sociadad, which turns out to be an old train station~