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Alright who's going to Sociadad Magica with me

Cyrus and Darius: Not us.

Cyrus: We went adventuring with you for two years now.

Darius: We want a break from it all. Just this one.

Alright you're out of the operation.

Rydia: I'll go

Lyra: ~has her six arms ready~ So will I. (In Avalon, some Succubi have 6 arms)

Ukyo: I'm ready to join

Kreel: So will I ~cracks knuckles~

Runic: Count me in

Camillia: Then I guess I'll go with you then.

So how will we get the train station?

Camillia: ~Counts the people that is going including herself~ That makes 7 of us. Lets hop inside the Vertigo (which is actually a Lexus painted black and red)

~we drive the Vertigo with Camillia and I at the front, Lyra, Rydia, and Runic in the middle, while Ukyo and Kreel sit in the back. We arrive at the desecrated train station and walk in inside the tunnel~

Camillia: It says that the entrance to Sociadad Magica is right here ~points at the train track~

Alright. Lets go in ~we open the entrance while at first seeing all white, we jump in~

Is this natural Camillia?

Camillia: How the hell am I supposed to ~looks down~ know-AAAAAHHHHH

~we fall screaming into the ground and land on grass~

~Rydia wakes up to see us on the ground~

Rydia: Huh....Father!!! Father wake up ~nudges me~

Whaa? ~I wake up to see the others.

Camillia: Is this the place

Ukyo: I suppose so. My magic senses are off the charts

Lyra: ~gets up~ owww. I still have my swords and guns

Kreel: Ughhh. Damn that was one big fall

Runic: Well lets keep moving guys. Who knows what lurks in this place