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~as we wander off to Sociadad Magica, we see a gate guarded by two men~

Ummm yeah...we want in

Guard: Hold up we need to sense your magic level ~he touches my chest~ My gods. You have an outstanding magic level. You and your pals can go in ~as we go in, the guard checks Camillia's chest~

Camillia: Lay off the chest buddy.

Hey do you know where we can find Rukia Medikame.

Guard 2: Are you friends with the traitor of Sociadad Magica?

Ukyo: Of course

Guard: GET THEM!!!!

~all of a sudden guards come out to corner and arrest us~

Camillia: Get out your guns and swords boys and girls cause this is gonna be one hell of a fight ~Lyra gets out her swords~

Rydia: Firewall!!! ~she fires a wall of fire on the enemies~

Camillia: Bloody Shockwave!!! ~the name says it all~

~Lyra and I charge into the fray slicing and dicing the guards while Ukyo and Kreel use their blood magic to do massive damage!!~

Runic: There's too many of them. ~they keep on charging at us~ SMOKE BOMB!!! ~a cloud of smoke appears~

Alright everyone. RUN!!!! ~we run to an abandoned house to evade capture~