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~Shiryuu looks at us~

Shiryuu: Wow you're a weird bunch. Elves, a vampire, and a succubus trying to rescue a traitor. I like that. To do that, you'll need to take down 10 of their captains: Hime the Vile, Yamazaki the Insane One, Cuzco Diez Drake, Rosco Stormfire, Javier Rameirez, Aizen and Jeizen Kurokai, Lymselvia Golbez, Algol Soulsword, and Sid Davis. They are Sociadad Magica's finest in terms of combat. I'm coming with you as I want in on all the fun. ~takes out axe~ But first we need to infiltrate Los Fortaleza Grande (The Great Stronghold in Spanish)

Sounds like a plan. Welcome aboard Shiryuu ~we shake hands~

~we get out of the house and run towards the entrance to Los Fortaleza Grande while slicing the others who get in our way~

???: Rosco. Take care of them

Rosco: Yes sir!! ~he summons a skateboard made of fire in hopes of catching up to us. He proceeds in doing just that~ I'm afraid I can't let you do that. FIRE SWORD!!!

Go on ahead. ~takes out swords~ I'll take care of him

Ukyo: Are you sure?

I haven't had a fight like this for a while now. Go! I handle things from here

~music for the fight is here~: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3jDdHiN1qs

Rosco: You are reckless. I'll give you that

I am at times. But enough talk! Have at you!!