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~we clash with our swords slicing and dicing until Rosco throws me across the wall~

Rosco: ~Turns into a cloud of fire, then reforming back to normal~ Your distraction cost me time and I hate wasting time. Missed opportunities is what you cost me and you will pay with your life

Screw you! ~kicks him, slices his stomach~

Rosco: Damn you!! Fire Shield!!!

~I hide from him~

Rosco: You can't hide forever fool!

~I charge at him~ ~we use our swords to clash with one another until they break~

Oh no.

Rosco: Flame Fist!! ~uses a fist made of flame to punch me to a wall~ Face it. You have no weapons and you're defenseless. Trying to save Rukia is valiant effort but it gives ya no cigar. First I hear of some idiots trying to get in to Sociadad Magica and yet I'm stopped by you and you're making it worse for yourself. Maybe I can have to chance to kill someone

~kicks him, takes the greatsword from his back~

Rosco: What are you doing!? That weapon can not be wielded by an elf!!

Watch me ~the sword gives out a shock that courses through my body draining me of my energy~ This energy! It feels powerful. Like a breath of fresh air

Rosco: Flame Fist!!! ~I dodge it~ Impossible!! ~I slice his body wide open with the two-handed greatsword~ ~a fountain of blood comes out of his body ~ Huuuuuuk!!!

~I put my newfound weapon on my back and helps him up~

Rosco: Why are you helping me?

Shhh....tell me where your infirmary is.

Rosco: Center left ~coughs out blood~

Talk less. Direct more.

~we proceed to the infirmary to rest Rosco to a bed~

Doctor: I saw the damage you did to him outsider. I'm impressed.

You know I'm an outsider?

Doctor: Of course. The clothes, the hair, your mannerisms. Yup you're definitely an outsider. I am Tira Hestron, what's your name

I'm Stepith Bloodia. Your captain here suffered massive damage and I apologize for that.

Rosco: Hey...~coughs blood~ That was damn good fight ~coughs blood~

Tira: Talk less. Rest more

Better do what the good doctor says Rosco. ~I sit waiting for him to make a recovery~ I wonder how the others are doing?