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Rosco: You mean your pals. ~gets up~ After our battle, I guess they are doing fine. They got determination to save Rukia even if she's a traitor. I mean she did serve in my division.

She was in your Division? Wow. No wonder.

Rosco: Say what you will. She was a good soldier. Always got the job done, Was kind to others. Hell she met two of her best friends there

You mean Ukyo and Kreel?

Exactly. I remember it like it was yesterday

~Flashback with Rosco narrating~

When Rukia was new to my squad, She first met Ukyo who was playing around with his sword. They talked about tactics and of the like and they became fast friends. Then Ukyo showed her to Kreel and they became the best of friends afterwards.

Rosco: Well since the three like each other so much I'm gonna put you three in a room you have to share together. Do I make myself clear?

Rukia, Ukyo, and Kreel: Yes Sir!!

I knew there was something special in their friendship. They completed missions as a team and most importantly, they never bickered about a single thing.

~end of flashback with Rosco narrating~

Wow. That was one big story

Tira: Yeah

So why is Rukia called a traitor to Sociadad Magica anyways.

Rosco: That's something even the Council doesn't tell us. We just do our job. Hand me a cigar would you Tira?

Tira: Certainly.