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~Tira hands Rosco a cigar~

Tira: Smoking's bad for you Ros

Rosco: Yeah yeah yeah. You've been telling me the same thing for four decades.

So you guys can live longer just like elves like me

Rosco: Bingo. That means I can drink alcohol and smoke cigars and I won't get that crap that humans get like alcohol poisoning and cancer ~smokes cigar~

Damn. I still got a long while before I hit the dust. So Rosco, how can I get to Rukia?

Rosco. That's not going to be easy I'll tell you that. Your friends have to defeat the other Captains to rescue her. I don't know if I qualify as a Captain now that you have my weapon. ~looks at greatsword~

I wonder how the others are doing

~we go to Camillia and the rest running, slicing, and dicing those who get in their way~

???: Hime.....target the six armed one

Hime: You got it. ~she slowly walks away to her target~

~she stops~

Lyra: This fight is mine ~takes out swords~

Music for this fight is this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlYA8HRbq88&feature=related