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~Lyra takes out 6 swords and goes into her battle stance~

Hime: Why fight alongside men, They are monsters and should not be trusted. I killed men before and you know what

Lyra: What?

Hime: It felt good. Seeing their blood fall on the floor like water. It was fun and rewarding. It was like opening a Christmas present. It was Christmas every day all year for me. They don't deserve to live. Women shall reign supreme in Sociadad Magica when I'm done with the General.

Lyra: You kill men for fun. Fiend. You are beyond redemption. You are even worse then men. You do this for sport don't you? I can sense it in your red eyes

Hime: I'm shocked ~takes out scythe~ A fellow woman like yourself calling me a monster. Saying I'm like a man ~her grin starts changing from smiling to anger~ YOU BITCH!!! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR SAYING THAT!!!

~She charges like a boar at Lyra and she comes back with a slice with four of her swords slicing her stomach open~

Hime: Huughkk!!!! Hehehehehe

Lyra: What's so funny

Hime: Transform!! Haahahahahahahaha!!!!

~She starts transforming. Her arms start retracting blades. Her face starts forming into a skull. Her voice starts sounding demonic and her hair changes from silky white to full on black~

Hime: Behold Lyra!!! Few people have ever witnessed this form!!! You will die here and now

Music for this fight is here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcaHO9qjKRo&feature=related