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So.....How are going to get inside Los Fortaleza Grande?

Rosco: I think there may be a way in. Follow me. ~we follow Rosco to the gate to the fortaleza. Once there we see two guards blocking the entrance~

Rosco: Ahhh great....you two

~First Guard of The Fortaleza Gates
Jabali Gantz~

Jabali: Sorry Rosco. We can't let you pass

~Second Guard of The Fortaleza Gates
Erizo Allegorei~

Erizo: Heeheeheehee You lost your sword to an elf? Say it ain't so Roscoot!

Jabali: Hey hey enough about insulting his age. Lets do it again

~Rosco takes out dagger and throws it at Erizo's chest~

Erizo: Soooo we're playing hardball huh? Well two can play that game ~he shields himself with his cape~ Come on Roscoot! Hit me!

~enraged, Rosco charges at Erizo~

Rosco no!

Erizo: Espiga Capa! ~spikes come out of his cape thus impaling Rosco~

Rosco: Ahhhhh ~blood comes out of his body and the blood stained spikes come back to his cape~

Jabali: Haurhaurhaurhaur! Perhaps we should enrage him some more eh Erizo?

Erizo: Quequeque! ~as they charge on Rosco, Rukia and I interfere as I throw Erizo feet first to the ground~