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Guard: My lord. Jabali has been killed while Erizo has resigned.

Two-Edge: Yes, I can see that through the cameras.

???: Familiarizing yourself with technology I see.

Two-Edge: Yes. Ralen, you can come out now

~King Two-Edge's
adviser: Ralen Marrik~

Ralen: How long has it been since you ruled Sociadad Magica my lord?

Two-Edge: 200 human years. ~flashbacks to Winnowill~ Raagh!

Ralen: Are you OK? My Lord?

Two-Edge: I am fine. Just experiencing old memories. ~he hears something~ Show yourself Hime!

~Hime appears as if she haven't been killed by Lyra~

Hime: Why yes my lord. Anything for you.

Two-Edge: I just need you to check up on Sociadad Magica. And tell Cuzco to ready the execution.

Hime: Yes my lord ~bows down~ I want to personally execute the succubus myself.

Two-Edge: Tell Cuzco that. I am not in charge of who is chosen to execute who. Ralen!

Ralen: Yes sir?

Two-Edge: Send a message to all captains to come report to the Meeting Room.

Ralen: Yes Sir. I'll do so right now. ~he uses his powers to send the remaining captains a message to report to HQ~

~Rosco catches the message~

Rosco: I got a message from the King. He says that I should report to HQ

Should we come with you.

Rosco: You'll be captured if they spot me with you two. Tira.

Tira: Sir?

Rosco: We're needed. Your on your own Stepith. And take of the sword for me.