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~Rosco and Tira instantly teleport to the meeting room with the other captains sitting in chairs~

Yamazaki: About bleedin time Rosco. ~eats chicken~

Rosco: Why are we all here? I'm supposed to be chillin with my partner. Where is Cuzco anyways?

Aizen: Probably in his quarters.

Yamazaki: Lazy giant ~eats chicken, talks while he's chewing~ Where's the King anyways?

Javier: Probably busy with things. Just give him time to show up. King Two Edge is a kind person. Although we don't want see him angry

Yamazaki: Who cares. He gave me this job because it contains the benefits ~looks at Tira~

Tira: Back off pal.

Algol: So...~looks at sword~ Everyone is here correct?

Lymselvia: ~surrounded by bodyguards~ We are here

Sid: Yeah I'm here ~puts away pistols~

~Hime enters~

Hime: Where's the King?

Algol: The King doesn't come to our meetings remember. He just sends Ralen to represent the King

~out of nowhere Jeizen comes out and bumps into Yamazaki~

Yamazaki ~the chicken bone comes out of hands due to Jeizen's clumsiness~

Jeizen: Sorry sir.....I'm going to pick it up for you ~picks up chicken bone and gives it to Yamazaki~

Yamazaki: You're a good kid, but don't pull that crap while I'm eating kay.

Jeizen: No sir, I won't do it again. I was just late that's all

Yamazaki: I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Now sit down Ralen is coming.

Aizen: What took you so long bro?

Jeizen: I had some errands to take care of brother.

Aizen: I see. Now all we have to do is wait for Ralen