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picture of what the meeting room looks like:

~credit goes for Eichiro Oda's One Piece (Anime version)~

~Ralen enters the room holding a folder~

Ralen: Thank you all for coming. Aizen and Jeizen Kurokai?

~Aizen and Jeizen Kurokai
Ages 17 and 18~

Aizen: We're honored to be here sir.

Ralen: Yamazaki?

~Yamazaki munches on chicken~

Ralen: OK Then.....Hime Rudras?

Hime: Yeah yeah.

Ralen: Sid Davis?

Sid: Can this meeting end already. You already know who we are.

Ralen: Yes I'm aware of such Sid

Sid: ~shoots the ceiling~ Whatever, I'm going to sleep

Ralen: Rosco Stormfire?

Rosco: Hmmm.

Ralen: We need to have a talk.

Rosco: What?

Ralen: Where's your sword?

Rosco: I....ummmm.....left at my post

Ralen: Oh really ~he turns on the TV pointing at me slicing Rosco with a fountain of blood coming out~

Rosco: oh..............crap

Yamazaki: Look at you man....~munches on the 6th chicken he has eaten today~ You got your hide kicked by a fellow elf with red hair.

Sid: ~wakes up~ Huh....what did I just hear the part where you got your butt kicked by a lowly dude!?!?! ~shoots the ceiling again~

Lymselvia: Now now. Lets not get hasty here....~cracks up laughing~ Hahaahahahaha. You got your butt kicked by him....hahahahaha

~everyone in the room laughs except Aizen, Rosco, Tira, and Ralen~

Yamazaki: oohoohoohoo.

Ralen: SHUT UP!!!!! This man is dangerous. ~puts folder on table~ Stepith Bloodia is dangerous. He took down Rosco and took his blade. And based on what I understand....YOU LET HIM TAKE THE TRAITOR KNOWN AS RUKIA!!!!!?!?!?!?! YOU GOT ERIZO TO RESIGN AND KILLED JABALI WITH STEPITH AND RUKIA!!!!!?!?!?!.

~sigh~ ~sigh~ ~sigh~

EDIT: Didn't show the picture before