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~elsewhere, the others are imprisoned by Cuzco. As Cuzco leaves to check up on things, Runic meditates~

Camillia: What are you doing?


Lyra: Lets just stay calm. Let Runic focus

Rydia ~complains~ They took our weapons, how can we focus at a time like this.

Shiryuu: Listen to your pal. He's focusing and you gotta keep quiet.

Runic ~orbs of energy fly out of his hands~ SHOCKWAVE!!!! ~the energy comes out breaking them out of the cell~

~they approach the lockers, take their weapons, guns, and whatever they need to get out of there and regroup with me~

~elsewhere, Ralen enters the prison~

Guard: Ralen!! Are you supposed to be with King Two-Edge?

Ralen: Nope....I'm free to do whatever I want

~we see Two Edge imprisoned in his own throne room by Ralen~

Two-Edge: Let me out this once! I won't tolerate this kind of treachery.

Guard: Sorry my lord. I can not allow to do that. We are under Ralen's orders now. I apologize for this your majesty.

Two-Edge: Damn ~he gets back to his throne~ What is Ralen up to?

~elsewhere with Ralen~

Ralen: Yup phase one is complete ~behind him are several dead bodies comprised of the prison guards~

Erizo: Everything is set Master Ralen.

Ralen: Excellent. Now we wait. ~he sits down crisscrossed~

~cut to the others escaping the prison~

~Shiryuu sees the guards chasing them~

Shiryuu: Go on without me.

Lyra: We won't leave without you Shiryuu.

Shiryuu: JUST GO!!!!

~Lyra and the others run~