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~Two Edge formulates a plan~

~he knocks on the door~

Two-Edge: I am hungry and I beg for food ~groans~

Guard: Of course sir.....Bring him some food!!

~one of the guards dashes to the kitchen to give him some meat~

Guard: My...lord....are you there ~the door closes behind, Two Edge sneaks up behind him, and snaps his neck.

Guard 2: What happened? ~Two Edge come out of the darkness and stabs him in the chest killing him doing so~

Two-Edge: I am sorry but I have to ~sheathes sword~ I don't know what Ralen is planning but I will find out sooner or later

~Hime is walking by when she sees Two Edge. She bows down to him~

Hime: What are doing out at a time like this my lord?

Two-Edge: Ralen is a traitor. He locked me in my own throne room. What is he planning?

Hime: Damn him. I should have killed him at the meeting.

Two-Edge: What did Ralen do.

Hime: He punched and slammed Rosco to the table. Ralen is supposed to be cool-headed and now I'm beginning to become suspicious

Two-Edge: Then let us go together. Only together we shall find out the truth about Ralen's plan

Hime: Yes sir.

~Elsewhere Aizen and Jeizen are in their rooms~

Jeizen: I have an appointment I have to go to

Aizen: Really?

Jeizen: I have to go to the store to get groceries

Aizen: Fine. But come back when you're done

Jeizen: Yes brother. I'll come back to you

~unknowingly to Jeizen, Aizen is behind him~

~as Jeizen leaves he receives a call from Ralen~

Ralen: Are you coming to the prison?

Jeizen: I sure am, it was easy to trick my brother into thinking I'm going to the store.

Ralen: Good. We don't want any interference with our plans.

Jeizen: So Erizo and the other person are coming to our meeting place?

Ralen: They are. And we will carry out our plans in secret

~Jeizen notices his brother standing right behind him~

Jeizen: Mind if I call you back, I got a little fly that's bugging me.

Ralen: Take your time. We'll be waiting for you.

~clicks phone back to his pockets~