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~30 minutes later~

Aizen: ~he wakes up~ Ahhhghh!! ~he sees Yamazaki and frees him~

Yamazaki: Damn that kid. I trusted him and he crushes it like a grape ~they hear an explosion coming from the prison~ What the hell was that

Aizen: It must have been Jeizen, Lets go ~they dash to the door hoping to catch up to Jeizen~ There he is!!!!

Yamazaki: Lets stay silent kid. ~hide themselves from Jeizen's sight~

Jeizen: I came Master Ralen

Ralen: What took you so long Jeizen?

Jeizen: I had some trouble to with my brother and Yamazaki.

Ralen: Did you kill them?

Jeizen: I think so....But I haven't use my powers that much the past seven years Master.

Ralen: Fine....Lets head inside. My treasure awaits

Jeizen: Yes sir....~he seals the door with ice~

Yamazaki: What treasure?

Aizen: I'm not sure Yamazaki. But lets keep moving ~as they dash towards the door they bump into Rukia and I~

~gets out my sword~ Are you one of the captains?

Yamazaki: Are you Stepith Bloodia and I see you have Rukia with you

Rukia: This doesn't involve you Yamazaki.

Aizen: Knock it off you guys. I propose we work together. You agree Stepith?

I agree with you ~we shake hands~ First we need to find my friends

Rukia: And mine.

And hers.

~as we run towards the prison we also bump into the others (Lyra,Ukyo,Kreel,Runic,Rydia, and Camillia)~

Lyra: Stepith!

Lyra! ~we embrace~ Its great to see you made in one piece.

Rydia: Father!!!

~the three of us hug~

Yamazaki: Yeah yeah yeah. Enough of that mushy mushy crap lets keep moving

~elsewhere with Ralen~

Ralen: Well well Shiryuu what took you so long? ~takes off glasses and breaks them~

Shiryuu: I am sorry my master, I had some fodder to kill off.

Ralen: Don't worry about it Shiryuu, Bring out my treasure

Jeizen: Yes sir!! ~he brings a tube containing Undine and Nero (in ages past, they were Stepith's wings that could talk and allowed him to fly)

Undine: Where are we.....Who are you?!

Ralen: I am your new master

Nero: We serve only Master Stepith.

Ralen: Then why did he abandon you?

Undine: Uh....ummmm...ehh

Ralen: Didn't think so. Shiryuu! Graft them to my body!!!

Shiryuu: Yes sir.....~He takes out the wings, and forcefully grafts them on his back~