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~Ralen goes to the castle~

Ralen: Well well. The King is nowhere in sight.....makes it all the better for me to take over Sociadad Magica

Jeizen: The throne is yours my lord

Shiryuu: Indeed it is Lord Ralen.

Erizo: All hail King Ralen!!!

Undine: When Stepith finds you he'll strangle you and ~he grabs Undine's wing form and holds it~

Ralen: I'm your Master now.

Nero: Don't question Master Ralen.....For he is our new master

Ralen: Good


Rosco: We must get out of here!!


Aizen: Where's King Two Edge?!

~Hime appears~

Hime: I have taken the king to a safe place ~vanishes~

Aizen: Hime wait!!!! Ahhh never mind

Rosco: Ralen has taken over Sociadad Magica for himself!!! You must get out of here!!! Take this orb and get out of here

Aizen: So much for the team up

Yamazaki: But how will we stay in touch with one another

Rosco: We won't.....I'm starting to realize something. Because of Stepith's presence, he may have caused the chaos to happen!!!


Rosco: Yeah. You caused to happen because you came to rescue Rukia. Well thanks a lot for making Sociadad Magica a horrible place to live!!

Shut up Rosco. ~I stab him in the stomach~ Take him to somewhere else, lets go guys

~we use the orb to teleport back to the abandoned tunnel~