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~we walked out of the tunnel, got in the car and drove back to our home~

~while driving back home with Camillia on the wheel~

Rukia: Hey thanks for rescuing me guys.


Lyra: I know Rukia but we all need to get some rest and then we will talk about what happened to the others

Camillia: I'm depressed. You want to go to the store?

Sure...But leave me in the car. I don't want to think about all this negativity crap that's in my head

Rydia: Father, you seem different.....you usually like going to the store to get the best sake. ~holds me~ what is wrong?

Nothing is wrong Rydia, It was just what Rosco said....~sigh~

Lyra: It was what happened to Sociadad Magica right beloved?

Yeah It was different when people looked at us. Now we left and although we got Rukia safe and sound. Sociadad Magica lays in shambles

Ukyo: We saved Rukia. That's all it matters. We knew we were going to cause hell to save one person.

Kreel: But that's our style the three of us. Got a light ~Camillia hands Kreel a lighter and a cigarette~ Thanks. ~lights the cigarette~

Rydia: Ugghhh! Roll down the window please.

Lyra: Right ~rolls down the window~