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~we come inside and we sit down~

So Vivi, Ya want some beer or-~she stops me~

Vivi: I don't drink. I came to help you all from your problem

Cyrus: So this means you'll take away Stepith's sake addiction.

Hey shut up. Its not an addiction..Its been a while since I drank some of this.

Rydia: Yeah, lay off father. He means well but.....~she loses her thought for a second~

Vivi: Indeed.....got any tea?

~Rydia gets the kettle ready~

Vivi: Good. I'll first start by testing you two out

Cyrus and Darius: US!?!?

Vivi: That's right you two. It seems that you were great fighters.

Cyrus: Well not anymore.

Vivi: No excuse. I'll be testing you....meet me outside at nightfall

But will you help us after your fight Doc?

Vivi: Of course. But first my tea ~Rydia serves her tea~ Thank you. But first tell me about you Stepith.

Other than what you know I lived in Urbanville for two years and fought deadly enemies.

Vivi: But what you didn't know is that you caused chaos immediately the moment you entered the city.

I did?

Vivi: Of course. It says on their newspaper, "Crazed Elf and His Friends Destroy Organization"

I did that because they were imprisoning elves.

Vivi: ........eeeeeyeah.....