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Odin: You're forgetting your duties as always Stepith

What do ya mean my "duties"

Odin: Exactly

You really need messengers Lord Odin.

Odin: That can be arranged ~he takes out a horn, goes outside, and blows it~

~I go outside~

What did you just do Lord Odin?

Odin: I summoned the Valkyries. They shall be arriving any minute now

~the clouds darken as two Valkyries are summoned from the Asgard. They come to present themselves to us and to Lord Odin~

~credit goes to Atlus and Vanillaware for the picture~

Valkyrie 1: You called us my Lord?

Odin: I called you here to keep an eye on Stepith Bloodia as he has been forgetting his duties

Valkyrie 2: I see. ~turns around to me~ I am Gwendyne and this is my sister at arms Veldyne

Veldyne: Hello

Odin: Your first task is to buy me a new shrine. And make it faithful to the gods.

~Rydia, Lyra and I bow down to Odin~

Yes my lord. I shall see to this.

Odin:Gwendyne and Veldyne will stay here. And don't forget this time. ~he vanishes into smoke~