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Gwendyne: Stepith, We are assigned to watch over you.

That I know.

Veldyne: That is why we must accompany you to the store.

What does Lord Odin need for his new temple.

Veldyne: The basics really.

Alright then.

~we go to the store to buy ourselves a God-Sized temple and the essentials. Eight hours later, All of us including the two Valkyries and the two giants build the temple for Lord Odin.~

~Odin appears behind us donning his signature armor~

Odin: Well done Bloodia you did your duty well

My friends and family helped me build the temple as well

Odin: They will rewarded one day as well

Gwendyne: But my lord, we need someone that will guard the temple as well

Iago: We can guard this temple Lord Odin

Raven: We want to protect you

~Odin towers the 10ft tall giants as he is 10 ft taller than they are~

Odin: Very well. But we will need a beast for added for added protection

Veldyne: What about Fenrir?

Odin: The Hound?

Gwendyne: He should serve as excellent protection for the temple

Odin: We'll have to keep him on a leash. I'm sure you two giants can handle this beast right?

Iago: Yes sir Lord Odin!

Raven: We will handle him with care

Odin: Fenrir does not believe in that word "Care"