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Odin: Now its time to begin the summoning.

~Odin uses his powers to summon Fenrir from his rest~

(in this version, Fenrir is a three headed hound)

Fenrir: Grrraugh!!! Odin!!! We did our duty. Now let us rest or we'll devour you and those around you!!! ~the primary head is the only one of the three that talks~

Odin: Fenrir. We ask of you to protect us

Fenrir: HARHHAHAAHA!! Odin, you can protect yourself. You're a god and you can't be killed.

Then who killed you Fenrir?

Fenrir: SHUT UP ELF!! We know of you. And yet ~sniffs sniffs~ you are powerless. You don't have that energy around you like your fellow clansmen.

I willingly took with pride.

Fenrir: ~sarcastically~ What!? ~stops being sarcastic~ We have never a Bloodia give up his powers. And yet you are the first of such hahahahahaha

Vivi: You must be Fenrir. You look quite different then what they interpret you in literature

Fenrir: You call that an insult? We'll kill you!!!

~she throws a scalpel right between primary Fenrir's eyes~

Fenrir: ~Sees blood come from the primary's head~ I'LL KILL YOU BITCH!!! ~they lunge at Vivi until I block the blow by almost ramming the sword to Fenrir's throat~

You. Hound, you continue at this rate and I'll be sure to sink this sword to your throat and force you to throw up your guts

~Fenrir fearing this halts their attack on Vivi~

Fenrir: Grrrrrr....FINE!! Odin! We accept your proposal but what do we get in exchange?

Odin: We will give meat. But not flesh. We do not want another Tyr incident.

Fenrir: Ahhh Tyr. How we miss him so. Hahaha

Vivi: But don't you miss Vidar?

Fenrir: SHUT UP!!! We don't want to recall that!!

I will give you meat but not human meat. Just as Odin agreed on.

Fenrir: Deal elf. And you two Lord Odin ~he lays down beneath two trees~ we'll find someway to deal with you woman.

Vivi: You want another scalpel on your head mongrel. Cause I got plenty more where that came from. Or rather I burn your little paws

Fenrir: You wouldn't grrrr

~Vivi summons a little flame to target one of Fenrir's legs~

Fenrir: ~demonic yipe three times~ Grrrrrr.

Vivi: You want another one ~hand instantly sprouts fire~

Fenrir: Damn you.

Vivi: Hehehe

Odin: You have done well Vivi Oro. Proving yourself to Fenrir is a rare feat itself for that we will give you a weapon for that alone.

~bows to Odin~

Vivi: Thank you my lord

Gwendyne: The weapon will appear in room at dawn

Odin: Now I shall rest ~he walks to temple, sits crisscrossed and sleeps~