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~at dawn, Vivi wakes up to see her new spear~

Vivi: Awesome. ~she puts her spear in her hilt and goes downstairs~

Morning Vivi ~drinks coffee~ I fed Fenrir the first five pounds. They seem excited to see you

Vivi: Greaaat ~I hand Vivi five pounds of meat~

Have fun ~I continue to drink my coffee at 6 in the morning~

~Vivi goes off to feed Fenrir~

Fenrir: Ahhh the one has returned. We were waiting for you woman/

Vivi: So ~throws a pound at meat at Fenrir~ Fenrir, Tell me about yourself ~sits crisscrossed~

Fenrir: What's not to know. We have a sister who never visits us.

Vivi: Garmr right?

Fenrir: You've done your research girly. But why did Odin sent me instead of her

Vivi: To make amends perhaps. ~throws the rest of the meat~

Fenrir: ~munches on it~ We haven't spoken to each other in more than a thousand years hahaha.

Vivi: How do you know Stepith's clan anyways.

Fenrir: The Bloodia Clan has always worshiped the Norse gods. ~lays down~ Just that simple.

Vivi: Oh...wow

~I come in~

I didn't expect beauty and the beasts to be talking to each in calm demeanor

Fenrir: Grrrr shut up. It has nothing to do with you.

Oh ok. Carry on, I'll be training

Vivi: I think I shall leave you three be as well

~as Vivi and I leave the temple, Garmr appears (Garmr is a two headed hound in this version)~