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(as said in the previous post, this arc will be seen in Mature's perspective. So please go with the flow for this arc. Thanks)

~As we leave Stepith's house to get in the car, Vice questions me about our friend Weiss~

Vice: So why did Weiss call us all of a sudden M?

Beats me V, Maybe he forgot about us after ten years and decided to call us.

Vice: Nah impossible, He must have found a way to contact us

Yeah I think so too. Man the wheel, I'm calling Weiss

~we switch places in the car and I call Weiss~

~phone rings~

Weiss: ~yawn~ hello?

Oh hey Weiss

Weiss: Yuna?!

I told you to stop calling me that, its Mature now get it.

Weiss: Fine "Mature", Why did you call me

Why did you call us, We're putting you on speaker

Weiss: Well....I tried to find your number and lucky me I typed your number by accident on the phone.


Weiss: Believe me any way you want but that's the truth.

So what happened to our hometown while we were away?

Weiss: It happened to fast. One moment our mayor got killed and the next a new one took his place. And then you can guess what happened next.......


Vice: What's wrong buddy?

Weiss: Chaos......~sigh~

Vice: Give me the phone M,

~I give her the phone~

Vice: Hey Weiss, We're on our way.

Weiss: Oh thank God. Hey listen, I have to go so see ya in few hours bye ~hangs up~

Vice: There's something odd about Weiss

We'll have to see don't we V?