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Name: Silvia

Birth-tribe: The <Demon> Tribe

Parents: Miko and Funlm

Age: 700 years

Appearance: Pale brown hair, yellow eyes, and black skin (shapechanged.) She is as tall as the High Ones

Attire: Silvia always wears pants. She did wear skirts for a while, but kept getting sick, so she started using pants instead. Ever since she discovered that humans are rather prude, she started wearing garments you scould easily take off, like scarfs as tops. Hence, Silvia often catches a cold.

Weapons: Stones and bow

Role: Scouter and trickster

Skills: Flying

Personality: Though Silvia is one of the older elves among the demon tribe, she is the least serious. She can be rather careless, and

Background: The <Demon> tribe is a group of elves who often trick with the humans, taunting them. Ever since they were taught what <Demon> means, they decided to become demons. Their healers shapechange their children to have unusual colors, like black, pink or even red. Silvia chose black to be her demoness color. Silvia did never believe the tales Urkel (Startear's grandfather) told her, of this Germany and the wars. She and Startear have had many fights over it, yet the two elves remained friends. When Startear left shortly after Urkel's death, Silvia decided to let "Roseskin" learn for her own that Germany and the other things does not excist.