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Name: Startear, taken after Urkel, her grandfather died. Her previous name was Niam. She was called "Roseskin" by her grandfather and the younger generation, and later started to call herself "King of Norway."

Birth-tribe: The <Demon> Tribe

Parents: Sandpar and Cokolm

Age: 101

Appearance: Like the others in the <Demon> tribe, Startear decided to let herself be shapechanged. Her skin color is pink, sometimes purpleish if she has been in the sun too long. Her hair is purple, and the eyes are vivid green. Like the other elves in her tribe, she is as tall as the High ones suposedly were.

Attire: Startear has no real style, and likes to dress in various clothes. The only diffrence is if she is planning an attack or is on her "war." Then she wears something resembling pants.

Weapons: Only uses her magic

Role: Startear was the cook of the tribe after Urkel died. Before that, she was generally the one who taught up the children how to trick the humans

Skills: Can conjure fire

Personality: Startear was carefree and very childish until her grandfather died. She is still childish, but became mad after her grandfathers death. She is convinced that everything foul is Germany's fault. She took a new name, and increaded her agressiveness.

Background: After Urkel died, Niam changed. Devestated by the loss of her relative, she took a new name, Startear. She started to believe her grandfather's tales, and declared war on Germany shortly after. When she understood that no one of her tribe wished to follow, she left her tribe to persuit it.