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~We arrive at the entrance and we see the town as it was ten years ago~

Huh....Weiss said this place went to hell. Maybe he's wrong

Vice: Weiss usually lies about everything.

Weiss: Not all the time Zielle,

~Weiss Gaspar
Childhood friend to Mature (Yuna) and Vice (Zielle)~

Vice: Weiss, its been a while ~she punches him in the stomach~

Weiss: ~oof~ Damn Z, You didn't have to do it that hard.

So why did you say this place went to hell since we moved Weiss?

Weiss: Well.....Its a long story, so lets get in the car and I'll tell you along the way

~We get in the car and Weiss starts telling us the story~

~starts car~

Weiss: One month after you and Zielle moved, A man named Ray Iiyago (eeyago) was elected mayor, and then all of a sudden a gang called The Children of Inti started growing their presence here in the city.

So Platino City has went to hell right?

Weiss: Uhhhhhh did I say hell? I'm sorry Z I meant harmony

Weiss the Liar. You're still one after a decade

Weiss: ~sigh~ (why are they still calling me that geez)

Vice: Its also pretty fun to say after all haha

~we travel through The Children of Inti's and we're stopped by four of their members~

Gang member 1: <hold it>

What language are they speaking?

Weiss: Spanish, why

Vice: I don't care what language their speaking, they're holding guns and they are going to kill us if we don't do anything about it

Gang Member 2: <What language are they speaking>

Gang Member 3: <English>

Gang Member 1: <Should we get them before they get us>

Gang Member 4: <Come on, lets just shoot them!>

~they get out their guns~