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~as they shoot their guns,Vice, Weiss, and I go behind a trash can~

Gang Member 3: English speaking idiots, We were speaking Quechua!!! Quechua!!!

~Vice throws a lid to one of them~

Vice: Will you just shut up!

Gang Member 4: Quechua....not Spanish idiots

Vice: Yeah yeah yeah. Weiss!

Weiss: ~panicked~ yes

Vice: Find me some glass to throw at them

Why glass?

Vice: It blinds them don'tcha know

Fine ~I find a broken alcohol bottle and give it to Vice~


Vice: Great ~she runs to another trash can as well as throwing the bottle to one of the gangster's eyes

Gang Member 2: <Damn you cow!> ~he shoots blindly~

Damn where did they go to practice their marksmanship

Weiss: Lets just go!

~we run like hell to somewhere safe like a nearby antiques shop~

???: Oh its you Weiss

Weiss: Hey Luca. Its been what....damn it....2 weeks since I visited your shop

~Owner of Heirloom Antiques
Luca Silfer: Age 32; Gender: Male~

Luca: Yuna! Zielle! My god you two have grown into fabulous ladies

Vice: We just need a place to stay Luca, do you got room?

Luca: I have a spare guest room but the three of you will have to sleep together tonight to save up room