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~we spend the night and in the morning, the four of us sit down on the table~

So Luca, how's life?

Luca: Aww you know, After dad died, I took over the family business and its been downhill from there.

Vice: ~smiles~ I remember back then your dad was one of the most popular people in town, and people flocked to visit him and his antiques.

Your parents were famous explorers and they were well respected

Luca: Ohh don't remind me. He and mom died while on a cruise five years ago. Since then no one has visited the place ~sigh~ sucks to be me

Aww Luca. ~I hold him~ What's your current job then?

Luca: Looking for artifacts although I'm too chicken to look for them anyways. I mean I don't want to get chased by wolves and get eaten by giants. Not the life for me.

Weiss: Luca, you were never artifact hunter to begin with

Luca: Yeah I admit I was scared of going when I was a kid. Even the butler left after he got tired of me and the fact that I didn't pay him like I said I would.~sigh~ My life is joke.

Maybe Stepith could give let you stay with us.

Luca: Wait a minute. You mean that crazy elf who attacked an entire organization in a city somewhere. No thanks

That happened two years ago, its all the past

Luca: Whatever