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~as Vice, Weiss, and I enter deep into the palace, we are stopped by the mayor of Platino City, Ray Iiyago~

Weiss: Mayor? What are you doing in a place like this

Ray: I do business with Inti, How else can he make this city prosper.

Vice: ~she runs and grabs Ray by the neck~ Talk! Why do you do business with a crime lord?

Ray: I...uh-

Vice: ANSWER ME!! ~she throws Ray to a pillar~

Ray: Lets try to reasonable here.

Fine, Tell us your reason for doing business with Inti.

Ray: I sure will. You see ten years ago, This city was no more then a cesspool of crime and death. And then our savior came along.

~flashback told in Ray's perspective~

We all thought that he was a loony who believed in God and was a good man. His name was once Arturo. His family died when he was young and my family looked out for him and usually fed him food daily. One day he proposed to the previous mayor Sonny Valdez that if he can rid crime in a day, He becomes the new "Lord" of the city. He laughed at him and spat at his face. As I walked Arturo back to his house, he found an ancient headdress. Out of amusement he wore it to cheer himself up. Then it happened.

Arturo: ~screaming~ Get this thing off me!!

He was transformed into a god like being.

"What did you do with Arturo?"

???: You mean what I gave your friend? I gave him the power of the sun!!

"Who are you?"

???: My name is Inti, and I am reborn!!! I apologize for taking over his body but it shall do nicely. But fear not he is in heaven watching over us

"So honor Arturo by fulfilling his wish to rid the crime in this city"

Inti: I shall do so for Arturo since he gave me this body after all

~a woman screams~

I see Inti run to the thug, grab him by the throat and melts his entire body using his powers.

"He didn't deserve to die Inti, he could have had a family or relatives."

Inti: Those who do evil in Inti's eyes die regardless.

In a single day he killed every single person that did crimes, petty or not they payed the price. He came to the Mayor Sonny's office and he was cowering in fear

Sonny: ~whimpers~ I'm sorry I called you crazy. Forgive me!!

Inti: I do not forgive those who let crime run rampant and thus you will die

Sonny: No! Please I- ~his skin and body melt to the ground~

"Why did you kill him, he didn't do a single crime!"

Inti: He let crime run amok in this city! ~breaks the desk~ And that I do not forgive.

Afterwords, Inti announced that he will be the "Lord" of Platino City and thus began Inti's reign.

~end of flashback~