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(please play this music when reading this one. Thanks.)

Luca: How long did it take for you guys to figure this out ~he carries swords covered with blood~

Inti: You are tainted with evil. How did you get in devil?

Luca: Your boys left the door open. Your guards are dead and so are your women.

Vice: Monster

Luca: Its what the women called me in their native tongue. Heeheeheehee ~facepalm~ Hahahaha

Inti: Vile fiend, why do you do evil?

Luca: Because no one had time for me. As a kid, I was ignored by everyone. My parents, my friends, EVERYONE!!! I fell in love you Yuna. You were my angel of the night


Luca: Yes. And then you and Zielle moved. And to make it worse, my parents thought I was trouble so they threatened to send me to an asylum. So I "Sent them on a cruise". The butler saw what I did and so I killed him too. I found killing to be fun and I did it often.

Vice: You had us Luca, We are your friends.

Luca: What kind of friends were you? Oh yeah I know, the kind that moved away. I'll enjoy devouring you my angel of the night.

Inti: I feel an aura that weakens me.

Luca: Heeheeheehee. You are correct Sun God. But now,

~we see him taking off his clothes to reveal something sinister~

Oh my god.

Weiss: ~screams~ What the hell is that

Vice: I think I'm going to be sick

Luca: I know how strong you are when the sun covers your entire body. I think I can fix that ~he summons a giant orb that immediately covers the outside of the palace~ That's better