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~Inti starts clutching his chest as he weakens from from the sunless darkness~


(please use the music in this link for an authentic battle experience thanks)

Luca: Heeheeheehee. ~he starts to strike Inti until Vice and I kick him to the ground~ Awwww....my angel of the night and her friend don't like me anymore....~he gets up~ I'LL KILL YOU!!!!

~I sense the memories between Luca and I shatter in his mind. I take out my swords to stab Luca in the stomach. To my horror, he is unfazed by the slices I put on his body. I sense him paying no attention to Vice or Weiss~

Luca: I don't care about the injuries in my body. I will take you with me in death!

Luca please ~he grabs me intending to choke me~

Weiss: Target the eye on his chest!!!

Vice: Right!!!

~They stab the eye multiple times in an attempt to render him blind~

Luca: ~kicks them~ Stab all you want fools!! I don't want your deaths. I want hers ~he crushes my neck more until I use my blade to stab his eye chest~ ~he screams in agony as the eye on his chest~

~I finally free myself from his grasp and stab his chest some more~

Luca: Arrrrghhh!!!!! ~he feels his eyesight fading~