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Though the waters above were bathed in the light of a noontime sun, the waters at these depths were never any lighter than a purple twilight. Billowing clouds of white soot pumped out from the thermal vent. Slimy mats of bacteria and massive colony of tubeworms huddled around each crack and crevice, and spread out as far as the nutrients absorbed from the caustic brine would let them spread. Which was an awful long way, and out from that colony there were clams, mollusks, snails, and countless other beings looking for their place at the bounty.

Though vital to the food chain, area was too hot, too toxic, for elves to Survive in for longer than a few moments.

Except, of course, for Tidebreak, since she had come into the sheilding power that earned her the new tribe-name she was still getting used to. The heat and acidity no longer bothered her, not so long as she could maintain the protective energy coursing around her. But she want here today to collect food or useful spit-stones for her tribe. She swam away from the vents themselves and leveled out in water that while still very warm and bitter was tolerable.

It was there that she centered herself, floating amongst the bioluminescent shrimp and fish, and performed the trick that she had been teaching herself for weeks. She turned her shield in on itself, and swam far enough away from the vent that she could no longer make out the individual soot-plumes that made up the cloud of expunged debris.

Tidebreak found to her delight that, though away from the singular source of heat, she was still quite warm.

And if I can keep in heat, I can keep in pressure!

A surge of bioluminescent colors running up her arm blared her excitement to the world as she followed the slope of the submerged volcano up, up and up. Past the natural pressure-boundaries that make even an elder sick from 'thin water'. Past the spot where her lost playmate Plomi had died of the bends trying to escape a circle-biter shark. Past everything her kin knew and into a sea of light brighter than any elf alive had ever seen.

There was exploring to do!

Name: Tidebreak

Sex: Female
Birth-tribe: TBD
Family: TBD
Age: TBD
Appearance: Short and stocky body (If she had legs, she'd be a Wolfrider's height, and not one of the tall ones.) Wide large eyes with enormous pupils to catch light and reflect it back as well. Well muscled, with small breasts. Blue-grey skin that appears almost blue-black in her native environment. Thick fins on head, arms, sides, and tail to push through the water. Her skin and fins are bio-luminescent.
Attire:None. Her folk use bioluminescent 'light-sign' to communicate and express emotion, and for personal decoration/identification. Clothes and get in the way of that, and jewelry is pointless unless its providing its own lightsource. She can produce any color, but has a personal preference for electric blue.
Magic: Shield casting.
Skills: A relatively young elfess learning to take advantage of a recently discovered power.
Personality/ Background: (Never really had the chance to develop her, but I intended her deep-sea race as the aquatic equivalent of Go-Backs combined with Plainsrunner; isolated nomadic groups living in a harsh environment, with limited resources, magic lines starting to dwindle out, semi-nomadic lifestyle. They can send but not speak. With the exception of Tidebreak (thanks to her powers) they cannot survive in the low-pressure waters that Wavedancers consider normal.)

Micros by me:

Assorted Bases:

Realistic Doll base by Moonmoss. (I revised/darkened my edit of how she would look beached/ in direct sunlight, gave her more color)

a male deep-elf template for reference

Drawing by Vojira

Model sheet by myself... based on Wendy Pini's Nightfall model sheet but not traced from it.