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~five hours later~

Guard: <Lord Inti has returned!!>

~We go outside to see that its not Stepith's car~

I believe you got the wrong car Lord Inti

Inti: Hmmm. I guess that will do for a vehicle.

Vice: Stepith usually drives an SUV most likely to fit the six of us. ~looks at the Hummer H2~ But I guess that will do.

But how will we tell Stepith?

Vice: How about "We traded your Ford for a Hummer H2"?

Works for me

Luca: So I finally get to meet Stepith myself.

He will be training you the same way he trained us for battle.

Luca: I guess it won't be tough.

Vice: You'll see how tough it is.

Luca: Your words don't scare me Zielle. I may be Yuna ~I look at him~ I-I-I mean Mature's servant but I can handle myself

Your arrogance will be your downfall Luca. Even the powers out of nowhere will save you.

Luca: Whatever

Weiss: So I guess we part ways then.

Vice: Don't be so over dramatic Weiss.

Weiss: Aww I was hoping it would work.

Where do you live Weiss?

Weiss: In an apartment why?

Vice: Yeah you're coming with us.

Weiss: What?! I didn't even say yes.

Vice: You either want to stay in a cramped up apartment complex with a landlord asking you for rent every month or you stay with us with no rent at all. Your choice

Weiss: I'm going with the second one. Drop me off at my apartment and help me pack my stuff

Luca be a dear and help Weiss pack his stuff.

Luca: No bleedin way your me- ~I grab his wrist and break it~ ow-ow-ow-ow! Fine! I'll go unpack with him

We'll be watching you Luca.

~Luca grumbles while he helps Weiss pack up~