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~two hours pass by as we wait for Luca and Weiss. Finally~

Luca: ~puff puff puff~ How many bleedin things do you have!?

Weiss: I need all of this stuff ya know.

Luca: But do we really need to carry a mattress?

Weiss: We can just leave it. And ya know what. Lets just leave the forks and knives here as well.

Luca: Fine fine, lets just hurry

Well they're taking their sweet time

Vice: I thought they would be done a half hour ago

Hey Vice?

Vice: Yeah Mature?

Do you remember why we left Platino City?

Vice: We were 18, you said to me "Lets move to bigger and better places" I called you crazy and you still insisted on moving. So I went along with you and then....well you know the rest

Yeah..... ~we see them putting Weiss' stuff in the back~

Got everything guys.

Weiss: Yes.

Luca: Indeed. Now come on lets go already!

~I punch Luca in the stomach and Weiss and Luca go to the back~

Alright guys now sit back and enjoy the ride

Luca: ~sigh~ I will.

Weiss: Same here

Vice: Lets turn on the radio

Good idea

~Vice turns on the radio and we drive into the night~

End of Innocent Nightmares Story Arc


Here is Luca's normal look:

Q&A for The Chronicles of Avalon: New Blood will be posted soon so stay tuned!!!