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~6:45 AM, A time where I usually sleep in but Luca's training is a special case~

~Cyrus and Darius are standing side by side at Luca and Weiss' room~

(Note: Luca and Weiss share a bunk bed with each other)

Cyrus: Alright! Trainee Luca!! Wake up

Weiss: Huh.....what?

Darius: Not you. Back to sleep dude. As for you Luca ~he drags Luca from his bed and drags him to me~

Morning sleepyhead. ~Lyra is there serving me coffee~

Lyra: Did you sleep well?

Luca: No! I only slept for six hours and I could have more if you didn't wake me up early.

Too bad. For the next month I will be training you in combat. Cyrus! Get me the training music.

Cyrus: The music you got from a game?

Yes that music. Get the Boombox too.

Cyrus: Yes sir. ~he goes to the garage to get the dusty boombox and inserts the CD~

(here's the music in case you want to hear it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n3_7vdp7Lo

~I give Luca the traditional training uniform~

Luca: Can't you give me sleeves that are short? I'm dying out here

Dude. Its like 8:30 and your complaining about clothes? ~face palm~ Deal with it.

Luca: But- ~I punch him in the stomach and falls to the ground~

Build up your reflexes next time