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~I see my long haired target readying his stance And I do the same. I counter his skills with mine and he is worn out from the fighting~

~I go behind him without him looking and hit him in the head with my club. As I grab my target's unconscious body and put it on my shoulder, the blonde grabs my leg and would not let go~

Cyrus: I will not let you leave!

Let go damn it! LET GO!!! ~I use my leg to stomp on his head. I get out my cell phone~

Its me. I got my target.....uh huh......good....get me a ride badly......one of his friends tried to cling on my leg.......yeah....no.....OK ~I go outside waiting~

???: I see you have invaded our house

~a vampire?! But why would this person live with this soulless being~

???: I am Camillia Black and I will stop you at all costs.

Why is a vampire living with an elf. I thought you were bitter enemies?

Camillia: Didn't you humans read the newspaper? We ended our rivalry years ago.

Enough talk ~I take out my sword and she leaps towards me. My shirt is sliced and she has some of my blood in her hands. In desperation I take out my gun and I shoot her in the arms and legs to slow her down. My ride finally comes and I put my target (Stepith) into the car and we drive away~