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Name: Mika

Birth-tribe: A little group of elves living close to the Vast Deep Water

Parents: Hirin, the daughter of a firstborn and a seal

Age: 15

Appearance: Because of the sealblood, Mika has a lot of silky fur, mostly creamy white with brown spots at his legs, face, and ears.

Attire: Mika only wears clothes in the winter time, and then only if he's on shore. It is often badly sewn furs.

Weapons: A pointy stick, uses it as a harpoon or as a spear for catching fish or birds. If he haven't brought it with him, he uses his sharp teeth to catch fish.

Role: Hunter of birds and fish. He has tried hunting in the nearby forest, but did not like it, so he stuck to the sea.

Skills: Excellent swimmer and hunter.

Personality: Mika is a very cheerful elf, who likes to play, especially in the water. For now, Mika is more concious about being alive and enjoying it, not expiriencing any of the madness which can happen when elves of mixed blood as of yet.

Background: Hirin, his mother had heard stories of her anchestors, and was especially taken by the story about how they could shape themselves into various creatures, and chose to test it herself. Upon this point she had never tried, and was very surprised that she managed to shape herself into a seal. Enjoying the freedom the sea gave her, she started to grown fond of the seals. Still being curious, she bore a seal's son, wanting to know how the child would look like. Mika was the result.

Was born out of the curiosity of a "what if there was a elf with blood from a creature of this word which did not have either cat or wolfblood?"