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~And now the perspective will go to Lyra who will be the protagonist for the Kidnapped Arc~

~After hours of rest, I call everyone to the living room to explain the situation~

OK. Is everyone here?

Camillia: Loud and clear,

Rydia: I'm here

Cyrus and Darius: Yo!

Runic: Yeah

Iago: Yeah

Raven: Right here

Mature and Vice: Here

Skadi: Yeah I hear you

Weiss: Present

Luca: Yeah yeah I'm here.

Gwendyne and Veldyne: Here

Rukia, Ukyo, and Kreel: Yo!

Vivi: Present

Alright everyone's here so we'll start with you lazy giants ~I point one of my arms at the giants~

Iago and Raven: Us!? We're not lazy.

If you weren't lazy then you would have prevented Stepith's kidnapping!

Iago: Well you know we giants are very heavy sleepers so we got an excuse.

Raven: It's natural for our kind so don't put the blame on us.

Runic: Lay off the giants Lyra.

~sigh~ Enough already I'm sorry guys. Camillia, do you have some kind of spell to help us track down the kidnapper?

Camillia: Well Rukia, Ukyo, Kreel, and I are working on a spell to track down the kidnapper by using the blood I got while fighting him.

I want it done in 1 day

Camillia: You got to be kidding me, it will take two days at the least. Don't rush us or the spell won't work.