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~Now we go to Rydia's perspective~

~I eat my fried rice with the others when all of a sudden I get a text message~


~The message reads "Hey Rydia, your father here. Can't talk as I stole this phone from a goon and its on low battery and he's gonna kill me so gotta go bye"~

Guys! ~They stare at me~ This message's from father!

Cyrus: ~eating BBQ pork~ Really?!

Darius: Let me see ~he takes the phone from me~ Let me text him back using your phone

Alright ~I look at Iago and Raven who can't fit inside eating chow mein noodles~

Iago: What's wrong Rydia?

Raven: Yeah.

Its just that I'm worried about father that's all.

Iago: I'm sure Stepith will be alright. I hope

Darius: Guys! I just got a message from Stepith. It says here "Yeah I beat him up but I don't have time to explain where I'm at so I'll call you in two or three hours...." and then it stops

Vivi: Well at least Step is OK ~she looks at Luca who is eating at the other table with Mature, Vice, and Weiss~

Weiss: Why don't we do this often

Vice: I have to save money somehow.

Mature: How about this guys. I'll treat all of you to buffet so we can all be happy

Can it be after we get father back?

Mature: Yes Rydia, it can be when we get Stepith back ~she eats all of her broccoli~

~I see Camillia, Ukyo, Rydia, and Kreel eating together talking about their tracking spell~

~I approach them~

Rukia: Hey Rydia. What's wrong?

What are you guys talking about?

Kreel: We were talking about our blood tracking spell

Ukyo: ~slurps up his noodles~ We're gonna test out the spell when we get back provided that bitch Lyra doesn't pester us into "doing it faster"

Camillia: We don't like being rushed so we got time guys

Ukyo: Cool cool