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~I see a statue of Lord Odin come to life~

Odin: Hello my children, and the daughter of Stepith Bloodia.

Lord Odin.

Gwendyne and Veldyne: Father.

~the three of us bow down to him~

Veldyne: Father, Stepith Bloodia was kidnapped by a strange assailant. And we were wondering if you could help us?

Odin: That I cannot grant you.

Gwendyne: What do you mean father?

Odin: He was taken to a place that nulls my Aesir powers.

Rydia: But what about Fenrir? Can he help us locate father?

Odin: Fenrir, though he may be this temple's guard dog he guards your father's house as well.

Fenrir: Someone called our name.

Useless mongrel.

Fenrir: Who are you calling a useless mongrel ~growls~

Odin: Fenrir. I sentence you to be sent back to Hel.

Fenrir: For not fulfilling my duty as a measly guard? Don't make us laugh. Stepith didn't fulfill our part of the deal.

Father never agreed with you.

Fenrir: La la la. Can't hear you.

~I see Odin conjuring a spell~

Odin: Enough!!! ~he shoots out an orb that does something odd to Fenrir~

Fenrir: What did you do to me!! ~he is shrunk down to a 6 ft tall hound, his tail and heads were taken away as punishment~

(Fenrir's fur color is black)

Odin: You have a choice Fenrir, Hel or a pact with one of these girls

Fenrir: The pact.

Odin: A wise choice. Rydia Bloodia, step forward

~I follow Lord Odin's words~

Me?! Make a pact with this mutt.

Fenrir: Who are you calling a mutt?!

Odin: Silence!! Rydia, stand next to Fenrir.

Yes my lord.

~Lightning comes out and zaps us both. We scream and howl in agony~

Odin: The ceremony is now over.

That's it?

Odin: That's it

~I faint~