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~hours pass by and by the time we wake up, its 6 AM~

Fenrir: You're awake partner.


Fenrir: Don't you remember, thanks to the ritual you and I are linked by fate by Lord Odin.

Mangy mutt, you need a bath.

Fenrir: I don't need to take a bath. I can bathe myself just fine

~We hear Camillia's voice and we walk down the stairs~

Camillia: As we all know, Stepith and Lyra are MIA. Using the blood I obtained from the kidnapper, We now know where he lives and who he is. His name is Richard Miller and he lives with the kidnapper in a castle somewhere near Setsuna City.

Where is this Setsuna City?

Good question Rydia. Its 25 miles away from here

Skadi: (They know, I must stop them from doing this) ~takes out dagger and jumps at Camillia~

Camillia: Blood Shield!! So you're a spy for the kidnapper after all

Skadi: I took up the bodyguard job by my mistress Lilith just to keep an eye on Lyra and Stepith. And now I have no choice but to kill you all in this room

Fenrir: You are outnumbered witch. How can you kill all of us?

Skadi: Mutt....you are about to find out

*EDIT* Had to fix an error