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~we look on as Skadi gets out a gun and shoots Cyrus and Darius with an unknown bullet~

Cyrus: ~Uggk!!!~ What is this sensation? My blood is ~I see blood come out of Cyrus' mouth like a waterfall~

Darius: Cyrus!! ~the process repeats as Darius feels the same pain Cyrus is having vomiting blood as well~

~She shoots at Vivi, and the others as well making them vomit blood violently~

You bitch! What did you do to Cyrus, Darius and the others

Skadi: I shot them with blood bullets. Your blood mage friends here are knocked out so they'll do no harm to me.

Why are you doing this!

You see my mistress Lilith is Stepith's ex-wife. She sent Richard to kidnap him to make sure that he suffers for leaving the mistress. As I speak he is being tortured right now. His friends are extra credit so you guys are next. ~I see her take out the gun~ And I'm not an elf. ~takes off disguise~ I'm a vampire

Fenrir: Can you hear me Rydia?


Fenrir: I am speaking to you in your mind. Now listen carefully one of us has to sneak by her and knock her out. Distract her for me

OK. Hey bitch! Shoot me!

Skadi: You are agitating me! ~She begins to fire her gun~

Now Fenrir!

Fenrir: Roger! ~I watch him jump at Skadi and begins to bite her head off and falls to the ground~

~Camillia, Ukyo, Rukia, and Kreel wake up~

Camillia: Damn that blood bullet. It stopped our blood flow causing us to be knocked out temporarily......that's a lot of blood

Ukyo: What shall we do Master Camillia?

Camillia: We clean it of course and return the blood to their rightful owners

Kreel: Well this is gonna take long.

But one question Camillia

Camillia: Yes?

Is Skadi dead

Camillia: I don't sense her blood flow so she is deader than a doorknob.

So that's how you kill a vampire.

Camillia: Back in the old days, holy water, garlic, and stakes to the heart were the only way to kill us. Nowadays a vampire's head must be decapitated like so. After we do the blood operation, we will study Skadi's body to see where this Lilith person lives at.