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Your streetkids Leetah and Cutter are so coool Pine!

Scarlettdoll you can see some of my Artwork on my webpage (which I update maybe once or twice a year...like I said...I am lazy), you should be able to reach it through the WWW link on the bottom of the post.

At present I need to work on the site (seriously) and find somewhere else to post my One-Eye comic, because the place I have it right now doesn't let non-members in to view it...what a bummer.

This is the latest non-EQ drawing I am working on, this is in the Ink stage.
I call this one Eternity and they are the characters of a story concept I have, which I have yet to start to write...presently I'm just working on plot and summary and character developement...(I'll say it again :twisted: ...I'm lazy Evil Grin )

It looks fuzzy! Evil Grin , I saved a copy from BMP (which I work with exclusively until the drawing is completed) and compressed it to JPG and it went fuzzy...grrrr that makes me mad...whew good thing it's just a copy Wink